10+ Thanksgiving Resources Your Kids Will Love

Thanksgiving Resources
Perhaps you’ve started making plans for the feast you will be having in a few weeks, or maybe the thought of it sends a shockwave down your spine. Regardless of where you are in the planning stages of your meal, you’d probably much rather be thinking about which recipes to use than trying to find resources for the coming weeks. Never fear, I am going to share with you a collection of ideas that might make that all much easier and a few ideas of my own.
thanksgiving2bbooks-3359854original-961311-1-7415564Let’s get started with book choices. Of course, you can’t go wrong with any in the collage I made. Of the list, one of my favorites is the book, In November by Cynthia Rylant. It is best for upper elementary since it’s so poetic and works well for writing. I wrote a long post about it [here] and shared a freebie that could be used for author’s craft. I also have a unit that includes comprehension and writing materials that you might check out [here].

original-1574675-1-5100048Another wonderful choice is A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting. [This freebie] would work well for you. I think this book is a must read. Poor Mr. and Mrs. Turkey are shaking with fear thinking they will be cooked when all the animals in the woods gather together. I think it’d lead to great writing ideas.

Another similar to this one is My Lucky Day by Keiko Kasza. [This recent post] on my blog shares the comprehension and writing set I developed to go with the book as well as this partner script.

Gail Gibbons is one of my favorite nonfiction authors, and she has two Thanksgiving book options, Thanksgiving Day and Thanksgiving Is…  [This freebie] is available for Thanksgiving Is..

As we approach Thanksgiving, I find writing to be especially important as our student reflect on their family traditions, things they are thankful for, and preparing for winter.  These writing options look really great. The first is from Laura Candler. It includes the writing lesson and a crafitivity to go with it.
This “Disguise a Turkey” set from The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher is quite popular, and it may not be a new resource for you. Even so, I think it’s worthy of sharing.

Finally, I love this persuasive writing set from Teresa Kwant.  Students write from the turkey’s point of view to save himself. It is amazing what kids will come up with. (voice of experience). We did a project like this one last year, and the stories were hilarious.
Other Great Thanksgiving Activities
Here are a few activities that look to be well done. The first group is for primary and the second group is for upper. In the activities for primary, I’ve included Let’s Eat which has a telling time page, question/statement page, and a sentence writing about Thanksgiving words page. I also love the freebie from Nicole and Eliceo. Nicole has done a great job organizing the I Teach blogs, and I’m glad to share her math freebie with you. I think this math center would work for your kindergarten classroom. Finally, Jason’s Online Classroom shared the I Have, Who has? about Thanksgiving. Fun!
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I am a believer in Close Reading, so the freebie from Great Minds is perfect. I think it’d work well in second/third grade classrooms. I know in our state, students work with Native American clothing, housing, customs, and traditions. The second file I shared below is from Education to the Core. I think it would do well as a starter for research for upper elementary. Finally, I shared Blair Turner’s Gobble Up Descriptive Words. After all, writing is so important to me, so I love this option to getting rid of dead words. Move over graveyard of dead words, and welcome these fine feathered friends. (great bulletin board option…hint hint!)
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Now for a few of the options I have in my store…
Earlier, I shared the contents of my Thanksgiving bundle for reading and writing, but these partner scripts are perfect for this time of year too.
original-941863-1-4323222Another option is Silly Tilly’s Thanksgiving Dinner. If you love Amelia Bedelia, then give Silly Tilly a try. Perfect for the second grade classroom.
original-1492686-1-5603183In this second partner script, the farmer is getting ready to harvest, so he’s working overtime. There is a lovely conversation between the scarecrow and the farmer, and you might tie in Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant if youd like to dig further into it.

original-2199995-1-1849681For younger readers, I’ve created this partner script for beginning readers. It is about a boy, his dog, and celebrating the family’s Thanksgiving dinner. If you love Biscuit, Clifford, or Tiny, then Max will entertain you too.

Well, I believe I topped 10 Thanksgiving options. I hope you enjoy them and if you do, be sure to send your friends over. Happy Thanksgiving!

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