Animal Themed Room Reveal

I don’t know about my readers, but I love looking at pictures of other teacher’s classrooms.  I have gotten a few ideas from other blogs and scanning through many, many Pinterest pins.  Finally I remembered to snap a few pictures today, and my friend Alexis at Laugh, Eat Learn invited people link up their room reveals with her linky, so maybe my readers will take away a few ideas from my room set up and those on Maja’s blog.  If you want to check them out, you can visit her blog [here] 
img_0175-8204346This is my library area.  I used the portable closet on the righthand side to block of the area for private reading.  I brought in additional throw pillows and used the beanbags again that I’ve had in the past.  I rearranged my books some this year use crates that I ziptied together to create a bookshelf.  I found I needed to add extra support due to the weight of the books, so I had a board cut that fit just right in between the two rows of crates. I am still in the process of leveling (with color coded electrical tape by AR level since that is what our students are accustomed to).  I am sorting the books by genre, theme, and author to make it easier for students to find books they like.  
img_0176-1518843This is my reading table obviously.  I made a focus board this summer using an oil drip pan from Walmart.  I will be using chart paper for modeling, have a place to post our reading vocabulary and phonics elements, and finally, a place to model spelling patterns.  I will probably not use all board sections with a group, but have that as a possibility.  In the corner of my room, you see the reading vocabulary wall.  That includes terms often seen in state testing materials.  Under the board, I’ve put together a crate/basket for all of the kindergarten word building manipulatives.  
img_0177-6765835We will also use this area of the room when we work on the smartboard or have skill modeling time.  I think my 4/5 groups will enjoy having this area as well.  The crate seats are so nice for sitting on and storage.  You can see I have my anchor charts to the right which are hung on a magnetic curtain rod I picked up from Walmart. I will be posting the kindergarten sightwords on the board to the left.  In the far corner, I have student mailboxes and a pocket chart for our Concept of Word poems we’ll work on each week.  The door may have to be locked during that period of time so none of us gets smooshed. 🙂
img_0178-9495760Here is a second reading area that will be used by our teaching assistant if she’s working with me at the time. Again, the anchor charts are displayed as well.  I may also use this area for centers if I am solo and need activities while I run groups.  
img_0179-7792881Here is the backside of the closet.  I covered it with burlap by using a nailgun.  It will stay forever! The signs are laminated so that I can put daily homework on them.  I have purchased several versions of R-E-A-D to display in different places (trying to give a message…and hoping it works!)  
img_0180-2984559The final picture is of our book bins.  Once the children start, each will have their own bin where they will place 3-4 books they want to read for independent time.  I have placed their interactive notebooks in them for now, and they will keep track of their reading in it this year. We will be running the 50 book challenge in my room, and I hope at the end of the year, I’m able to say each child did it.  
The children will start with me next week after we finish assessing.  I can’t wait to hear how they like this year’s space.  
Have a great day!  


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  1. They're going to absolutely love it, Carla! Your room looks amazingly organized and inviting. Nice work. I also think your R-E-A-D signs will do the trick to relay your important message. 😉
    Literacy Loving Gals

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