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I am a huge Tomie fan, and I love using his books in mentor text lessons for both reading and writing. If you love his books for these purposes, then this print and go author study is perfect. It includes materials for 12 TITLES including five Strega Nona titles, the three Bill and Pete titles, the two Jamie O'Rourke books, The Art Lesson, and Little Grunt and the Big Egg. All 12 units are focused on comprehension strategies. This collection of comprehension activities will help your kids enjoy all of the books and truly see what a storytelling master Tomie is. You can use the activities in guided reading, as mentor text lessons, with partners, or in stations.

Product Contents

Schema Builders for Each Book

Vocabulary for Each Book

Story Elements and Retelling


Cause and Effect

Plot Development

Comparing Characters

Making Connections

Sequencing Events

Point of View



Making Predictions

Making Comparisons

Questioning Task Cards for many of the books

Class Books for EACH title

and much much more! (15-20 pages per title...approximately 220 pages of material)

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