We know kids who lack word knowledge struggle with reading comprehension, and if you're like me, finding different ways to teach vocabulary is tough.

whatever you do...Don't kill the love of learning by having kids copy dictionary definitions.

Instead, choose alternative activities that…

  • use words in kid-friendly language
  • engage students in active, high level thinking
  • involve talking about and working with the words
  • include the words in context and give synonyms and antonyms, or
  • choose a fun activity from my vocabulary activity cards set

IMAGINE YOUR STUDENTS WORKING together to apply their word knowledge in partner and group activities. So much better right?


with The Vocabulary Activity Cards...

Your students can work in pairs or small groups on the activities.

You can post the cards around the room with the word list for more of a game like activity.

You can keep them handy for when you are planning your vocabulary lessons and use them as quick grab and go activities with low prep.

You can laminate them and use them as a center activity.

You can print them for each student and have the student complete the task in interactive notebooks.