How to Cultivate Curiosity in Five Simple Steps

How do you cultivate curiosity in your classroom? Kids are naturally curious, and in this post, Carla shares five easity to implement strategies for tapping into kids' curiosity. Check out the post for more information.
Children are naturally curious, so why not tap into that curiosity to up your engagement? Cultivating curiosity not only drives kids to want to learn, but it also can lead kids to deeper reading, inquiry based learning, improved vocabulary, and a thirst to read more. In this post, I'll share with you five teacher tested methods that hook kids in.

5 Ways to Build Character in the Classroom

Building character in the classroom is part of building a positive school climate and part of building relationships. In this post, tips are shared to help teachers help students feel they are a valuable member of the team. Free resource included.
Cliques, bullying, and lying are just a few challenges teachers and parents work through with children. These problems can not only create drama in the classroom, but they can lead to longterms struggles for children. In fact, social interactions can make or break the school experience for kids. What can we do to make a difference? How can we turn things around when we see a need for social skills intervention? I am certainly not an expert in this field, but I believe we as classroom teachers and community leaders can support children with a few changes in our classroom routine.

Keeping Kids Motivated with Summer Reading Opportunities

In this post, you'll get ideas for how to keep kids reading over the summer.
Summer is just around the corner, and like many teachers, you may be thinking about ways to keep your students' skills up during those months while they are away from school. Or maybe you're a mom or dad who needs ideas to keep your little one busy. Never fear! I have a few ideas you might try out.

Your Students Have Finished Their Test! Now What?

These end of the year ideas will keep your kids relaxed, having fun, and learning especially when you have content to teach.

You can see the tension on the faces of the children and the teachers. Everyone has their #2 pencils and a book in hand. They're quietly waiting in single file lines to use the restroom. Then, they'll be marched to the *testing zone*. You know the place, right. It's one where not a sound can be heard, and there are warning signs plastered all over the hallways that promise serious consequences if a disturbance happens. It is clear that it is an area you Thankfully though, the testing zone disappears a few hours in and luckily life returns to normal. For those testing, it is a long intense time, and by the time it's over, they are ready for a break. Today, I'd like to share six suggestions of things you can do for fun that keep academics going, but provide a more relaxed atmosphere for the kids.

Leo Lionni, A Must Teach Author for Primary

Author studies help students create memories, and Leo Lionni's books will help your students do just that as they explore nature, learn to build friendships through each book's theme, and celebrate their individual gifts. Check out this post for ideas to go with seven different titles.
As the year winds down, you may find it tough to keep things fun and fresh. Kids are tired of test prep and testing. They know the end is near, and honestly, they've got a little spring fever. (and don't we all??) When you see it's nice outside, all you want to do is get out in it. With a Leo Lionni Author Study, you have an excuse to explore, experiment, and discover why Leo Lionni's books are classics just like Frog and Toad.

Blogging in the Classroom: Designing Your Site

Starting a brand new blog is easier than you think, and designing it isn't that hard either especially if you purchase a Georgia Lou Studios template.  For today's post though, we'll keep it completely free! I will walk through how to design a blog that you'll be proud of.
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