Thematic Thursday Goes Batty about Bats

Thematic Thursday is a weekly teacher linky party focused on the sharing of ideas for a different theme each week. This week's theme is "Going Batty about Bats", and bloggers are asked to share their favorite resources, book ideas, activities, and suggestions to help students learn about bats.  Please grab the image above as well as the template below, write up your post sharing your ideas, resources, and anything that fits the theme, and link up your blog name and intended grade level for the resources and ideas you share.  (Example-Comprehension Connection-4th and 5th)  Please remember that this link up is for blog posts only.  No store links will be allowed even with freebies as the hope is for readers to return to these themes later in the year or when they wish to focus on the theme.  Many themes can be used any time of year. The image below can be used to pin your posts too.  I will form a bat themed Pinterest board as well for resources that are shared. I look forward to reading your posts and appreciate others linking up. Carla
Hello readers and linkers!  I am so glad you dropped by again this week, and I hope this post will be timely for you with Halloween less than a month away.  Can you just feel the excitement in the air already? Hence the title...Going Batty about Bats!  

So this post is a little bit of a repost for me, but I knew many of you would be teaching bats.  This summer, we offered a Summer Reading Camp for selected students at my school, and one of the themes the children asked me to plan was a Bats and Birds Theme.  We were able to use quite a few resources from TPT,  and the children thoroughly enjoyed the week.  I have listed on my resource sheet all of the materials we enjoyed, and here are a few pictures of the projects they completed.  My favorite was the tri-fold science display.  I can see using these for group projects in the future. The kids loved contributing to the project.  Don't have tri-fold displays available?  You can put two file folders together to make a mini display and make it a partner project.  If you wanted to avoid tying bats to Halloween, you could divide your class in half and have pairs research together types of bats and types of birds to compare.

To the left, you will find the Theme planner I put together with the books, activities, and links that I've used and recommend.  You can print the page below for your files or keep it in E-form in order to access the file links. Just click on it, and it will open as a PDF. You need the PDF to be able to access the links.  All graphics are hyperlinked to the resource and to Amazon.  
Now that you've seen a few ideas from my part of the blogging world, how about you share a few of your own.  The Bat Theme Pinterest board is ready {here}.  Just add your post below and follow the board.  I will make sure you're added as a pinner and will certainly add your items to the board.  

Are you wondering what the theme will be for next week?  Well here you go!

Next week's theme will be...


I can't wait to see what is shared this week, and I hope the forms make it easier for all.  Until next time...Happy Reading!

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  1. I just love these ideas. You have some of my favorite bats books here!


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