Using A Tree is a Plant as a Mentor Text

A Tree is a Plant is a great mentor text to use in science. Use it for modeling nonfiction text features or informational writing. Check out this post for lesson ideas.
I love selecting mentor texts for skill modeling whether it's for reading, writing, or to use reading skills in content areas.  In this post we will be focusing on mentor texts for science.  The book I am highlighting is...

Why use this book?

I have used this book several times to support my second grade students' science studies.  For many of my students, it helps to have a second or third exposure to key concepts they're learning.  This book includes nonfiction features, a target skill for second grade. It also would work well if students are researching plants.  Many options are available in the unit I'm sharing. It includes

­čî▓A Prereading Schema building


­čî▓Main idea and detail




­čî▓and Many Response to Reading Writing activities

A Tree is a Plant by Clyde Bulla

About the author:

Clyde Bulla is a well established author, and his books typically work well for students who struggle since he controls the vocabulary somewhat. Other titles I've used and recommend of his are A Lion to Guard Us, The Chalkbox Kid, Pocahontas and the Stranger, and Shoeshine Girl.  Most of his books are chapter books, and he has quite a bit of historical fiction.  He's definitely an author to explore if you're looking for a book for the middle grades.
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  1. What a great book! Thanks for the activities to go with the book. Great resource.
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Charlotte! This may be below your students' level, but the content might support a few Fifth grade concepts.

  3. I love this collection of science books! We use them all the time! The kids love them!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. You're welcome, Amanda! I love/use mentor texts...daily. Thanks for the opportunity.

    2. Wow! What an inspiration your blog is! I am new to the blogging world. I joined TBTS, and I am so glad I found your website to learn from. Looking forward to seeing more from you soon. :) You can visit me at

    3. Hello Kristin! Glad you dropped by. I will take a moment and see what you have going with your blog too. I love the word "read" in the title. :-) Glad you liked what is going on here. I've enjoyed it and am a member of TBTS too.

  4. I have not read this book! I need to check this book out for sure. Thanks!!! You do amaze me.
    Curious Firsties


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