10 Helpful Literacy Websites You Can Not Miss

Finding teaching resources can be time consuming, but in this post, I share my favorite literacy websites to save YOU some time. These sites offer a plethora of materials students can use in the classroom and at home. In fact, you might even share these with your parents.

Literacy websites can really help teacher with finding teaching resources and more. It can be time consuming to search, but in this post, I share my favorite literacy websites to save YOU some time. These sites offer a plethora of materials students can use in the classroom and at home. In fact, you might even share these with your parents.

Literacy Websites for Printables

Florida Center for Reading Research

The first site I want you to know about was one shared with me during my reading program.  It’s perfect for small group lessons and tutoring.  If you visit the section for educators and navigate to your grade level you will find many lessons and manipulatives to print and take to your students for *free*.


Read Works

The number two website is perfect for articles to match your content areas as well as other literacy skills.  It includes paired text, novel studies, and a large number of leveled articles with comprehension questions. Sometimes students need a second or third “dose” of content information, so check it out for informational text tied to your content.


Common Lit

Having a wide repertoire of instructional strategies helps teachers keep things fresh and discussion deep. Common Lit has a wide variety of lessons and articles on many relevant topics. You can search by grade level and topic or peruse the library. You can find resources by theme and genre too. Certainly worth checking out.


Many teachers enjoy using nonfiction text that is current and directly related to what students are learning in class. Newsela is a site that features nonfiction current event printable and online articles that are free for educational use. Students can take quizzes on the articles, and teachers can observe their progress.


Literacy Websites for Word Work and Vocabulary

Vocabulary Games

Do you need help with building vocabulary?  This past year, I was looking for Greek and Latin Roots, and this site popped up as I searched.  I love the options it has.  It’s great for modeling, but I can see student using it at home or during independent work time.


Reading A to Z

Whether your students are beginning readers, transitional readers, or instructional readers, you will love being able to use this site for modeling. Reading A-Z is most definitely worth the annual membership fee for the wealth of information and materials available. It costs about $120 for a year’s membership which provides projectable books you can use with Smartboard tools for Close Reading and to model decoding and word building.  I wrote up a blog post about the ways I use Reading A-Z on my site. If you want more information on that, you can check [here].


Reading Apps for Projects, Games, and Books

Read Write Think

The next site I am sharing has apps for students and many lesson ideas for teachers. I could spend hours searching through what all is on this site. I especially love the student apps for word building, the project options, and written response apps.  


Oxford Owl

This next site is a great one for use at school or at home.  Oxford Owl has wonderful parent videos, interactive educational games, and 250+ stories for students.  It’s even set up for tablets.  


Epic Books!

The last website I’m sharing simply the best out there for digital books for kids to read. Epic is free to teachers, and you can provide log in information to your students. What I love about Epic is that it helps get books into the hands of kids without traveling to the library. And speaking of the library, I think it’s important to also help students learn about the apps libraries offer for audiobooks and ebooks. It can make a huge difference for families.

Well, that wraps it up, but there are more we can still add.  If you have a favorite literacy website teachers need to visit, please share it in the comments or message me through my site.


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Carla is a licensed reading specialist with 27 years of experience in the regular classroom (grades 1, 4, and 5), in Title 1 reading, as a tech specialists, and a literacy coach. She has a passion for literacy instruction and meeting the needs of the individual learner.

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