Learning Partnerships Unite

Learning partnerships are a valuable tool in the classroom, and this script captures the interests of students and uses it to build fluency and comprehension. Check out this post to learn more.

Do your students love to talk? Do they love reading with friends? Students have a need to be social, and learning partnerships takes advantage of that need to grow thinking skills, reading fluency, and comprehension.

How Partner Scripts Work

If you have used reader's theater, partner scripts work in the same way except that they are written for two voices. Each set includes a schema builder to get your students thinking about the theme, important vocabulary, response questions for close reading practice, and an extended response where students write about the story theme. With each, I typically use them for three days following the schedule below.

Day One

On the first day, I use the schema builder to build excitement and get students thinking. With The Little Lost Tadpole, we discussed what we'd do if we were lost in a mall, at a park, or on a school trip. Following this discussion, I preteach the challenging vocabulary. With vocabulary, you can work on syllabication, word meaning (of course), part of speech, and usage. Finally, I end day one with the first reading of the script. It's important on the first day to monitor reading fluency and decoding strategies as there will be a few words that the students may find challenging. 

Day Two

Day two is all about building fluency and comprehension. Students pair up and read for meaning. Depending on how the script is being used, teachers might record them if monitoring is needed, but may also rely on students self reporting how the reading went when they're finished. As students work together or after reading, the question/response page can be used work on comprehension and writing. With the students I worked with today (using this script), I encouraged responses in complete sentences and reviewed with him some of the word study patterns we'd been studying, so you will find these build multiple skills at once. 

Day Three

On the last day of practice, students will polish their reading and extend the themes included. With this script, students will be thinking about and writing about a specific plan they'd follow if they ever got separated from their family or teacher. This is especially important for our youngest students because they're full of energy and don't always pay attention. They don't think anything will ever happen to them (most of the time), and although we don't want to worry them unnecessarily, it's good to have conversations in order to keep them safe. 

Teacher Options

If you love teaching in themes, most of the scripts I've written can be tied into a theme of some sort. Teachers can pull in mentor texts about similar topics, compare them, and even tie them to the writing too. The written response can be a quick write, shared writing, or used for process writing. There are lots of ways they can help your kids, and in my experience, most ask to do them more often. 

Today, I uploaded this one. It is discounted from $2.50 to $1.00 for today only. I hope you'll check it out and give one a try.
Until next time, happy reading!

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