How to Make Veteran’s Day Meaningful in Your Middle Grades Classroom

Veteran's Day Title Image-How to Make Veteran's Day Meaningful in Your Middle Grades Classroom

Veteran’s Day is just around the corner. With all of the challenges in our world, it is more important than ever that children (and adults) pause to recognize, honor, and thank our veterans for their service to our country. If we ask many children what Veteran’s Day means, I suspect many would be unsure what a veteran is.

Last year, I decided to create a partner script to teach about Veteran’s Day which also addresses fluency, comprehension, and writing. Students learn what Veterans day means and why we take time to honor those who serve. Because time is critical in the school day, combining content information with reading skills is more important now than ever.

let’s learn about veteran’s day partner play

Before Reading Activities

With this set, students brainstorm what they can do on Veterans day, explain what it’s about, and think about what’s important to remember. They learn key vocabulary before and during reading, and they practice building fluency by repeated readings.

during reading activities

Once they’ve completed the reading, discussion cards are included for group discussion or for use in pairs. Partners also practice close reading strategies by going back to the text to find text evidence for the question response page.

after reading activities

Finally, students can summarize their learning or use the stationary to thank a veteran they know.

Veteran's Day Partner Play Before Reading Activities
Veteran's Day Partner Play During Reading Activities
Veteran's Day Partner Play After Reading Activities

This print and go resource will be a big help this week. You can purchase it here in my TPT Store or with the link below.

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I hope you and your students enjoy my Veteran’s Day Partner Play and that they learn a lot about why we celebrate it each November.

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