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Kids just love bugs. They love catching lightning bugs, exploring spider webs (from a distance), and investigating things like body parts, what they eat, etc. Today, my blog is getting buggy with lots of thematic options you might use to MOTIVATE the reader in your students. So, let’s get started. 

Pinterest Goes Buggy

This Pinterest board has been formed to collect themed resources. Feel free to follow it or pin to your own collection. All of the resources highlighted within my post will be pinned there. 

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Book Suggestions for the Study of Insects

I am so excited about this week’s Thematic Thursday because there are so many fabulous books to use with a bug theme.  Below, I’ve put a few book widgets together for bug fiction and nonfiction. You can see a few favorite authors popping in, I’m sure. 

When it comes to nonfiction, Gail Gibbons and Seymour Simon are two of my favorites.  I love the wonderful photographs and kids sure do too.  No matter if the topic is insects, snakes, volcanoes, or storms, these authors capture the interests of our kiddos.

Fun Activities to Explore Insects

If you’re looking for activities to use with the theme, here are a few fun freebies that accompany this week’s theme and book options.
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Insect Resources from Comprehension Connection

I do have a few buggy units in my store, and I believe I’ve got a little freebie I can share too. These resources will be 25% off through the weekend for those interested.
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In addition to these resources, these Spring Graphic Organizers that can be used with any fictional or nonfiction book feature cute buggy clip art.


Finally, I thought I’d share the link to a few video clips with you. 

The Grouchy Ladybug

What is an Insect?

How about a few interactive websites?  Click the image below to check them out.

Well, I hope you find these helpful as you plan your bug week.  Here’s a little freebie from me that you can add to your files.   
Have a great weekend, and be sure to link up your favorite buggy files and links. 

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