Activities Perfect for a Rainy Day Fun

Okay, so this is a stock photo, but you see, I’m writing this post on Friday, and the game we will be watching in the rain comes tomorrow.  Yes, we are crazy! We toyed with the idea of canning it, but alas, why not go? It appears that the “bad stuff” is coming on Sunday now, and that right there, is lesson number one. You can not predict the weather now matter how hard you try, so you just as well go with it, right?  I mean it seems like we won’t have a flooded basement now, so it might do us some good to get out and play a bit. Again, another lesson we can take to the classroom.  We teachers need to find a way for kids to play on these crummy days.  So, I thought I’d pause to share some rainy day options you might try to help you “go with the flow” and to help your kids play in the during the rain.

Best Books with a Rainy Day Theme:

9162f2e3c423f71b3efb037c527e0cfb-1677338The first thing I’d recommend for rainy days is a large stash of rainy day books. There are many great titles that celebrate rain, so why not take advantage of the moment.  Here is a collection to get you started. (The link to this image on Pinterest was not correct though, so I will not share here.). Of these, I just love A Letter to Amy.  You might also pull Come on, Rain by Karen Hesse, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett, and my all time favorite, Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco.

Activities for Celebrating Rain

Once you’ve gathered your stash of books, you will want to have some print and go options.  If you have these put together ahead of time, you will be completely relaxed when you’re stuck inside for the third day in a row. (well, maybe not completely, but more relaxed at least.).  For printables, I like these freebie options. The first is a class book with graphic organizers.  It is adorable!

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Resources from Comprehension Connection:

If you wish to work in a little deeper work with a few of these books, I do have two units that include more specific book information as well as writing options as well as a Weather Close Reading Pack if you’d like to check them out.

Making Rainy Days Fun

After a few days of rain, we all know the energy level is high in the classroom, so keeping your kids busy is wise.  Here are a few rainy day craftivities you might use. Combine them with a writing prompt, and a wahlah, you have a nice hallway display.  One go-to plethora of ideas for a rainy day is on First Grade Parade.  The image below is just a glimpse of what she’s shared, so be sure to click on the image and visit her weather post.
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And for hands-on science fun, check out these great experiments from Fantastic Fun and Learning.
Finally, you have to have some movement options.  Here are a few links  to rainy day games and activities.
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I also put together a brain break board which might come in handy.  These are great for any day.
Now, we tried to make the best of the mess and went to the NC State game yesterday. Here’s a glimpse of the half-time show.  Yep…we were in this crowd, and we were all soaked.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing the downpour.  Eesh!  And…they ended up losing…sad face!  BUT…we did get to see our son. (happy face)
Of course, there are many other rainy day lesson ideas, but in honor of the mess we have in Virginia, I thought I’d share just a few.  What’s your favorite way to spend a rainy day?  (Probably not in school, right??  Make the best of it though, and have a happy Sunday!


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