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Cooking Theme Ideas for Lots of Learning Fun

Cooking Theme Ideas for Lots of Learning Fun title image

Kids love cooking, and what better motivator than using these cooking theme ideas? Whether you’re a reading specialist, librarian, or classroom teacher, it is especially important to know books.  Matching books to student interest is a great motivator.  It forms a bond between you and your students too. The titles shared here will help you pull your cooking theme ideas together for lots of learning fun.

Cooking with kids teaches them so many skills including following directions, measurement, chemistry, and most importantly, reading for a purpose. If you enjoy cooking with kids, you might be curious to know book titles. Here are my choices and a little blurb about each.

Kids love cooking, and what better motivator than using these cooking theme ideas? In this post, I share great mentor texts and activities to go with them.

cooking theme ideas: Literature

“Cookie” Books by Amy Rosenthal

Of these books, I’d like to highlight a two of my very favorites.  The first on my list is One Smart Cookie by Amy Rosenthal.  Her books are just wonderful for vocabulary development and life lessons.  

For young readers, it’s important to read books at a higher level to develop word knowledge and usage, and with this book, not only will students get lessons on social skills, but they can relate to cookie making too.  Kids love to make cookies and eating them!

Making homemade cookies is an experience some children don’t get to have often, so why not make cookies with your class after sharing this lovely book.  Amy’s other titles are featured below, and each is a must read to and with your classes.


cooking theme ideas: activities

If you plan to use the Cookie books, you might enjoy typing in some of these free resources to go with your cooking. Here are a few cookie themed freebies I found that readers might tie in with these wonderful stories.


cooking theme ideas: book companions

If you want something healthy to balance out your cookie making, why not go with soup?  There are a large number of children’s books that deal with soup including Growing Vegetable Soup, Chicken Soup with Rice, Mouse Soup, and Pumpkin Soup. Some of these are classics that often get forgotten.  Stone Soup by Ann McGovern has been around for 30 years, and sharing it along with other old time tales such as The Little Red Hen and The Princess and the Pea would be great fun too.  Teachers can even share multiple versions of Stone Soup. I saw at least 4 on Amazon.

activities with a soup theme


cooking theme ideas: resources from my shop

other thematic Post ideas you might like:

I hope these cooking theme ideas help you with planning and that the resources work well for your students. Thanks for dropping by.


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Kids love cooking, and what better motivator than using these cooking theme ideas? In this post, I share great mentor texts and activities to go with them.
Carla with Comprehension Connection

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  1. Thanks for including me in this giveaway! I have the Smart Cookie book- I always tell my students they are Smart Cookies! Carol- The Chocolate Teacher

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