Thematic Thursday Gets Wild about Weather

Thematic Thursday is a weekly teacher linky party focused on the sharing of ideas for a different theme each week. This week's theme is "Wild Weather", and bloggers are asked to share their favorite books and activities with a weather theme  Please grab the image to the above to use as your post header above, write up your post sharing your ideas, resources, and anything that fits the theme, and link up your blog name and intended grade level for the resources and ideas you share.  (Example-Comprehension Connection-fourth grade) You may use the planner below (if you like). At this time, I am allowing direct links of free products that fit the them of the week.  If you'd like to include a paid product, that is fine too, but please do not link up paid products to your store.  Rather, include them in your post. The image to the below can be used to plan out your posts and once completed, works beautifully for pinning. 

This Pinterest board has been formed to collect our planning sheets as well as other themed resources. Feel free to follow it or pin to your own collection.
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Book Suggestions for the study of Weather
There are many are many wonderful nonfiction options for weather studies.  Our students are expected to know cloud types, weather tools and terms, the water cycle, and about storm types, and I just love the complexity of Seymour Simon and Gail Gibbons, and the simplicity of National Geographic readers for teaching science concepts.  Below is my Amazon widget and you can select books you enjoy from it. 

Pairing nonfiction with fiction is always a great idea when trying to build a theme, so I have also selected a group of my favorite fictional books with a weather theme.  Of these, I personally just love Thunder Cake, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Brave Irene.

Here are two freebies to go with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and my unit for Brave Irene. I have a unit for Thunder Cake too, but it is up for revisions.  If I get a snow day tomorrow, I'll revise and add that during the day.  :-)
Weather Freebie      FREE  QR Code Breaker!  Read Aloud Books: Scan, Read, & An 
The students in my fourth grade groups are studying weather right now in science, and I put together this set of Close Reading materials.  The set includes articles about meteorology tools and terms, cloud types, and storms with graphic organizers and related writing prompts. Here is a preview of the set.

Weather Poems for Concept of Word and Word WorkIn addition to these resources, weather lends itself to poetry writing.  Students can create similes and metaphors, and idioms about weather, write limericks or rhyming poetry, and even work on sensory words. I made this poetry set to the right and shared it in a previous post about Concept of Word for young readers.  I am currently working on a Spring Concept of Word Set and hope to have that available soon.  

Finally, I thought I'd share a few video clips I found on Youtube.  There are so many great resources available including weather related books and video programs.  Here are two, but there are many more.  Be sure to check Youtube or Teacher Tube for great interactive clips.  The first one I am sharing is about the types of clouds and the other is about seasons, weather tools, signs, and more.

Cloud Types and Weather Basics-Upper Elementary

Best for the Primary Grades

 Fun Classroom Activities
There are so many great weather resources that you can find on TPT that will help your students with this unit.  I have shared quite a few this week on my Facebook page, and I don't want you to miss those, so I'll post them here too.  Definitely pin or save them for later.  There are so many wonderful units included.

FREE Interactive Notebook Water Cycle Vocabulary Set by ScThis interactive notebook set is fabulous for demonstrating vocabulary. Doodling has become a wonderful tool for students to not only show their understanding, but to provide them with a calming outlet. 

Water CycleThis set includes Water Cycle task cards.  Task cards are so versatile in our instruction.  They work wonderfully for small group instruction, in a game setting, or as review.  This set from Promoting Success will be lots of fun for your students. 

Weather and Climate Powerpoint FREE by Science Doodles
Here is another resource from Science Doodles.  She has several wonderful weather related resources in her store, so certainly stop by and see what else is available.

Weather Word Wall ResourceFor many reasons, having a Weather Word Wall is a great idea. Students can use the words within their writing and refer to them as they are learning the new content.  I love that this is a Print and Go resource.  

The image below is linked to the website, Weather Wiz Kids.  It is a fantastic site with information about all weather concepts as well as many experiment options.  Certainly check it out!

Rain Class BookI am ending with one of my favorite freebies.  I just love the graphics used by All Students Can Shine, and I think your students will enjoy writing this class book.  For older learners, you might modify with a class poetry book.  

What are your favorite weather themed ideas or resources?  Please share your links below in the linky (as long as they are freebies), comment about them in the comments section, or better yet, link up!  

Have a great week and thanks so much for following my blog, and if you have a minute, let me know what you love to do when you teach weather.


  1. I love having my students learn about storms. They are so intrigued by tornadoes and hurricanes that they just won't stop researching! It's great. Thanks for sharing this great post! :)

    1. They are fascinated by them. I'm using a book from our Benchmark Leveled Readers (R or S) called Severe Weather. One of the boys told me he really loved the book. He said, "Isn't it amazing how much destruction hurricanes cause?" So cute!

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome! I expect we'll duplicate at some point, Teresa, but so far, we've complimented each other well! Thanks for linking up this week.


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