Celebrating the Work of Mem Fox

Who are your favorite children's book authors? If you have a concept to teach, do you have go-to authors or books you use? I definitely do, and today, I'd like to share one of my favorites with you. Mem Fox's books offer extensions to study Australia, Koalas, family relationships, connecting with the elderly, and more.

Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge

If you have Grandparents coming to visit or have loved ones in the nursing home, this book is perfect for the kids in your room. The special relationship that Wilfred has with the nursing home patients is so special. Teachers have many options with this gem My first introduction to Mem Fox came with Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge years ago. I just love the sweetness of this book, and the opportunities it gives for children to look at aging in a positive light. Wilfrid visits the nursing home next door and entertains the patients. His attention to each patients' needs is just plain sweet. If you are gearing up for Grandparents' Day or want to do a community service project with your class, this book would be a great fit. I love that it provides a great chance to address reading and writing skills too. The unit I made to go with this book includes materials for:
🌟Schema Building
🌟Character Analysis
🌟Writing Extensions
🌟and Making Comparisons

Shoes from Grandpa

The simplicity of Shoes from Grandpa makes it perfect for Grandparents' Day or any time of year. Check out the comprehension activities that will take it to a higher level.
Another book that I've enjoyed from Mem Fox is Shoes from Grandpa. This too is a great one for Grandparents' Day. You can discuss all of the gifts given from our grandparents. This book is best shared orally with its rhythmic patterns, and I'd recommend it for primary students. Teachers can use the text for modeling the following skills:
🌟Point of View
🌟Writing about Family
🌟Connections to Keepsakes

Koala Lou

This is a great book to pull out during big sporting events. Koala Lou enters the Bush Olympics and readers can lear about how the Olympics run too.
Koala Lou is one book your sports-minded kids will love. Koala Lou isn't quite getting her mom's full attention, so she enters the Bush Olympics. Mama is a little busy with the littles.

The thing I liked about this book is the ties to Australia and the opportunities this book has for extension. Teachers can pair fiction/nonfiction texts for students to learn about Koalas, the setting, and even a little history about the Olympics. The following skills work well with this book:

🌟schema building about koalas

🌟story elements
🌟character traits and change
🌟making connections

Possum Magic

This is such a fun book about life in Australia. It iincludes a bit of magic and lots of character traits fun
This sweet tale includes a bit of magic with a hint of Australian history and facts. Two possums are on the hunt for magical food Hush needs to become visible once again. 

Skills you can teach with this book include:
🌟schema building about Australia
🌟story elements
🌟questioning and finding text evidence
🌟making inferences
🌟character traits and change

Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!

Poor Harriet. She is struggling to do the right thing. She's kind of a mess, and her mom's losing her patience with it all. Check out this post for information on this sweet books.
Poor Harriet. She is struggling to do the right thing. She's kind of a mess, and her mom's losing her patience with it all. This book is perfect for helping kids realize that they don't have to be perfect and that everyone makes mistakes, but at the end of the day, love is what matters. 

Teachers who want to use this book can model the following skills:

🌟character traits
🌟problem and solution
🌟questioning skills and finding text evidence
🌟making inferences
🌟sequencing events

Mem Fox is so talented, and these books are a great way to celebrate her many talents and provide students with the opportunity to explore Australia too. Of Mem Fox's other books, I'd highly recommend Tough Boris and The Magic Hat too. Her characters are so unique, and her ability to use the setting and character description to build her stories' plots is so beneficial to kids. All of these books work well as writing mentor texts too because we want children to mimic great writers. Mem Fox is certainly one.

To explore the units in my store for these books, you can click each of the images above which are linked to them or click the image below for the full bundle:
This author study bundle by Comprehension Connection includes five book units for Harriet You'll Drive Me Wild, Koala Lou, Possum Magic, Wilfred Gordan Macdonald Partridge, and Shoes from Grandpa.

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