Something to Quack About: Gearing Up for Easter with Duck Week

Looking for Duck Themed ideas? This post on Comprehension Connection includes book suggestions, craft and activity resources, and tech ideas. Check it out!Q: What time does a duck wake up?
A: At the quack of dawn!
Q: What's another name for a clever duck? 
A: A wise quacker! 

If you want to hook your kids, one quick way to do it is to become a stand up comedian, right? These jokes may be loser jokes to you, my readers, but would they work with kids? Probably so (and feel free to use them). For others, [click here].
Another great way to hook your kids is with photos and live video, and if your kids haven't seen baby ducks hatch, I promise they'll be very curious if you show them a clip like this one from Youtube, and when you find a topic kids are curious about, you lift their motivation to learn exponentially. Take a moment and check out a minute of this clip. Aren't they cute?

With Easter coming soon, I thought today I'd pull together ideas and materials to celebrate some of the cutest birds around, ducks, so let's get this theme started.
If you're gearing up for Easter, give these Duck themed titles a try. Drop in on Comprehension Connection for activities too.
To begin, I want to share two books that are classics you must read to your students, Make Way for Ducklings and The Story of Ping. The rich vocabulary in each and just the feel of the books (if they've been in your library a while) make them worth highlighting. I think children need to hear classics and compare them to the new stories we have today. The illustrations for one will stand out to them, but why not introduce making story comparisons right from the start. Kids, even at a young age, will be able to share what they notice is different among the stories.

Also in the collection to the right, you'll find Duck and Goose by Tad Hills. I love the Rocket books and this series is great too. There are several titles in the series to choose from too.

Another great series is the Max the Duck series by Jackie Urbanovic. These include Duck Soup, Duck and Cover, Sitting Duck, and Duck at the Door. Kids love silly, and these titles will be a hit. If you're interested in giving these a try, [here] is a listing of options on TPT.    

There are many activity options for Ducks on Pinterest as well as on Teachers Pay Teachers. I started the board below, and I'll continue to add to it with other freebies and ideas. I just love some of the great art options that you can tie in with any writing project.
Follow Comprehension's board Duck Week on Pinterest.
From this board, there are a few activities and blog posts that I want to highlight. They are linked to the original URL.
No Prep Dot Companion Pack for "Duck & Goose Go to the Beach!"
The first set is a collection of activities to go with the Duck and Goose series. This particular set goes with Duck and Goose Go to the Beach, but you may be able to modify them for the other books too.

Election Fun Common Core Math Graphing and Fluency FreebieThis next set goes with the book, Duck for President. We may be past President's Day, but you can always tie into what you learned last month as you work into a duck theme. This set by Teacher to the Core is nicely done. It includes graphing options and fluency work.

Duck! Rabbit! ...Literacy ActivitiesThis book look so cute, and I love materials from 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray. With this freebie, you can explore data collection and a cute story at the same time.

Finally, I'd like to share an exclusive freebie with you today. Duck Duck Goose is an original poem I've written. It includes a printable copy for students, a comprehension/word study practice page, and a visualizing page. I hope you'll enjoy using it to work on these skills as well as fluency. If you like it, I have a Spring bundle (10 poems) and Yearly bundle (40 poems) in my store. Topics include seasonal topics as well as anytime topics making them easy to integrate into your ELA curriculum or for use in centers.
For tech resources, I am going to share a few youtube links to the books I mentioned earlier.  I know we all like to mix things up, and sometimes, a video read aloud may work better for showing the pictures, right? Just click on the book images below.

I believe some of these resources will quack your kids up, but if not, give this last joke a try...
What do you call a clever duck?
A Wise Quacker
Have a great weekend and happy Friday!

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