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Six Time Saving Classroom Organization Ideas for Back to School

Pinterest…oh how we love you. You make teaching so much easier, and we love all of the great time saving ideas you have. We find things from recipes for the crockpot to DIY classroom projects to must use lesson ideas. This month, I am going to share my favorite classroom organization ideas for back to school. With the new year just starting, we are working on establishing the routines, and we have to organize our space and time for efficiency right?

This post was part of a link up sponsored by Pawsitively Teaching and Inspired Owl’s Corner. We were asked to share a few of our favorite pins that you can add to your boards too.  I love classroom organization pins, and honestly, I think you can use them any time of year.

Classroom Organization Ideas

Back to School Organizational Tips:

his pin has 40 organizational ideas included in it, and from those 40 ideas, I think the command center is my top idea.  I honestly need that in my kitchen!  The idea can be copied without much trouble using a $13.00 oil pan from the automotive section of Walmart.

Organize Student Attention with a Focus Wall:

I made a focus wall in a similar fashion for my room last year. All you have to do is block off sections for the content you want, adhere magnets to the backs of your posters and such, and add them to it.  Hot glue to your wall, and you’re set! I love the clipboards at the bottom don’t you?

DIY Whiteboard Tables Provide Quick Response Space:

I hope you found a few new ideas with that last one, but if you didn’t, you might like this one. I expect you’ll be heading to Lowe’s or Home Depot later this weekend! Chalkboard and whiteboard paints are just so cool!  I love the idea of using these to repurpose your hum-drum tables to make them the perfect “anchor chart”,

Magnetic Paint for Bulletin Boards

Guess what??  I’m not stopping with just tables covered in whiteboard paint though.  How about using magnetic paint, and even regular paint can be used on bulletin boards in place of faded butcher paper.  You can also use scrapbooking papers to add pizzazz. Ah…who comes up with these ideas? Love them!

Storage Ideas for Organizing Classroom Games

So we’ve talked organization and repurposing, but another favorite Back to School thing I enjoy is thinking of all the ways I can use things from the Dollar Tree.  I will end with some of the pins I found that have truly useful ideas.  The first were these awesome storage containers.  They just happen to be the perfect size for task cards and playing cards.I love that the lids have to “snap” closures, and the set I got was 3 of them for $1.00.  A STEAL!

For more organizational classroom ideas, check out my Classroom Ideas board on Pinterest.

I hope you got a few ideas today, but if not, page down.  There will be a TON more to look at today. Thanks so much for dropping by and just think…one more day!  I’ll get you started with tomorrow’s face. :-)


Carla with Comprehension Connection

3 Responses

  1. I need to head to Dollar Tree! I love the flash card idea and the storage containers! Thank you for sharing and linking up! :)

  2. Great organization ideas and I love the giant scrabble board! I didn't know there was magnetic paint. How cool is that.

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