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Thematic Thursday is a weekly teacher linky party focused on the sharing of ideas for a different theme each week. This week's theme is "Health and Nutrition", and bloggers are asked to share their favorite resources, book ideas, activities, and suggestions to help students learn about the Eating Healthy Foods, Exercise, and Taking Care of Yourself.  Please grab the image above as well as the template below, write up your post sharing your ideas, resources, and anything that fits the theme, and link up your blog name and intended grade level for the resources and ideas you share.  (Example-Comprehension Connection-4th and 5th)  Please remember that this link up is for blog posts only.  No store links will be allowed even with freebies as the hope is for readers to return to these themes later in the year or when they wish to focus on the theme.  Many themes can be used any time of year. The image below can be used to plan out your posts and once completed works beautifully for pinning. [This board] has been formed to collect our planning sheets as well as other themed resources.  I look forward to reading your posts.  Now, on to mine...

This week's theme is being done last minute because I posted over at Adventures in Literacy Land today AND I'm gearing up for a big blog hop starting tomorrow night. is important to me to stick to the schedule. So here we go.  I think in the end, you'll find a few valuable tools to use with teaching nutrition, health, exercise, germs or dental health, and if you have resources to share, by all means, please link up with me.

I have a few favorites on my planning page, so I'll take a minute to highlight them.  You can certainly save the plan page and access the ideas via my page (for some) or find them on my Pinterest board later.

Jack & the Hungry Giant {FREE book activity about the MyPlFirst up are the freebies I liked from Teachers Pay Teachers. I Can Fill Up My Plate! is a freebie from Loreen Leedy using the book, Jack and the Hungry Giant.  It teaches portion control and the importance of eating from all food groups.

Move Your Body: Classroom Exercise Chart (autism, special ed)
This morning, we just had an inservice about the importance of using a sensory diet to help children improve their focus in school. This unit encourages that, and you might find my Brain Breaks Pinterest board helpful too.  [Here] is the link to it.

Health And Nutrition: Free Mini UnitThis little mini unit would be handy as you get started planning.  It includes goal setting, nutrition, and staying fit.

Book Ideas
Now for book ideas.  I discovered a new author in preparing this post, and his name is Steve Smallman.  He has a line of fractured fairytales (Anyone else love them???), and here they are with a little blurb about each.  I think you all will find them great resources for teaching kids about health habits.

In Give Us a Smile, Cinderella! poor Cinderella is never allowed a bath – so it's no surprise that she's so smelly! When the fairy godmother conjures up a bubble bath, Cinderella is transformed, just in time for the ball.

Goldilocks ran through the forest. Before long, she was lost and tired and her tummy was rumbling. She wished she’d eaten her breakfast.
Then she smelled something yummy! She followed her nose to a little cottage. No one was home, so she went inside. Will she eat her greens?
In Keep Running, Gingerbread Man! no one can keep up with the speedy biscuit. Only Fox is fit enough to stand a chance of a teatime treat. But the Gingerbread Man's not just quick on his feet– he's pretty quick-witted too. After outsmarting Fox, he leads the other characters in an aerobics class.
Finally, in Blow Your Nose, Big Bad Wolf!, the three little pigs learn a lesson about spreading germs. When they won't lend the wolf a tissue, their houses are blown down by his sneezes! And to make matters worse, they then catch his cold.
So are you running to Amazon now?  I think I am adding these to my list.
Craft Ideas
Food pyramid and nutrition activities for Thanksgiving #nutrition #food pyramid #thanksgivingI think as we approach Thanksgiving, this is a great activity.  Kids take a food pyramid and sort the foods that many will be eating for their Thanksgiving dinners.  Boy, we all love the sweet potatoes and stuffing, but everything in moderation.  (and I'm working hard at it at the moment....sigh).  
Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten: Plant Crafts! & Tops & Bottoms Companion PackI love this cute idea from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten.  It works well with teaching plants, but how about putting the craftivity with a writing prompt about trying new veggies and fruits.  Sometimes giving kids construction paper, a scissors, and glue, and letting them use their imaginations to create their veggie people could lead to creative projects. more cute project before I go... I love this one about fighting germs from Mrs. Saylor's Log I think reading The Big Bad Wolf story I mentioned earlier or Bear Feels Sick and making this project would be a wonderful lesson.  

Do you have favorite healthy me resources you use and are willing to share?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, link up, or email me (and I'll add them to my post).  

Have a great weekend (and be sure to come by this weekend for our Gift of Reading Blog Hop).  

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