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Veteran’s Day is near, and having books and activities available helps a lot. To honor veterans, I wrote this partner play to explain what Veteran’s Day is about and how we can celebrate our veterans.

Details about my veteran’s Day partner play

The story line of the script is that Mr. Harrison, a Vietnam War Veteran, has come to visit Mrs. Wall’s class.  Mr. Harrison shares history about what happens on Veteran’s day, how it began, and why it’s important.  He does not share about his experiences in the military, and the children do not ask.  He is respected and honored the way our Veterans should be.  The script is 3 pages long and is accompanied by comprehension question task cards, a vocabulary page, and a post reading page.  A classroom could enjoy it all in a day or two.  The set is $3.00 in my store.  

mentor texts for veteran’s day

Now, Mentor Monday is intended for book sharing, so the book I wanted to highlight this week is a Rookie Reader because honestly, there aren’t many books about Veteran’s Day.  The best one, in my opinion, is The Wall by Eve Bunting, but someone already shared that one. (Sad Face…Just kidding)

I do love the Rookie Readers, and honestly, this gives me a chance to put on my reading teacher hat and remind folks to select books that meet kids where they are.  Rookie Readers have been around for a long time, and I believe half of the collection was written by Alan Fowler.  That man is a saint!  He has provided so many reading opportunities to kids who struggle by sharing content that has controlled vocabulary.  We really need more Rookie Readers or books like them to help kids access information at a high level.

Here is how Amazon describes the book:

Explains the history of Veterans Day and why it is observed, and suggests ways of honoring veterans on this special day, such as flying the flag, attending parades, buying poppies, and visiting hospitals.

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  1. Our school is named after a local hero whose name is on The Wall. Students should be taught about the sacrifices that are made to keep us safe. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Anonymous

    I would love to have a solid resource to help me teach Veteran's Day. Thanks for sharing this great resource.

  3. Thanks for your great write-up filled with amazing resources. I'd love a copy of your work of art as well, so I can share with my students about the many sacrifices our veterans made and continue to make for our country! Annie

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