Phoneme Posters Word Wall for Beginning Readers Visual Cuing


These phoneme posters include keywords, pictures, and the phoneme chunk to help beginning readers and writers use visual reminders for writing and decoding.

PDF – 32 pages

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These phoneme posters are intended to be printed in color on card stock (If available) and laminated for long term use. Included on each poster are the phoneme chunk, a sample picture with the sound, and any spelling variation for student reference.

Sounds included are:

  • short a, e, i, o, u
  • long a: a-e, ai, ay;
  • long ee/ea
  • long i: i-e, igh, y,
  • long oa, ow, l
  • ong u: u-e, ui
  • ou/ow, aw/au, oi/oy, oo/ui,
  • ch/sh/th/wh
  • ar, er, ir, or, ur
  • ge/dge, mb, wr, kn, gn,
  • oo/ew

28 posters total

If you like these posters, but would like them in another color to coordinate with your classroom, please message me. If you purchase this file, I can modify the color easily.

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