Latest for Comprehension

Check out these posts for ways to address reading comprehension skills.

Mentor Text Lessons You’ll Love

We all love books, and these post include lessons you can use TODAY! Check out this HUGE category on my site.

Let’s Work with Words

Working with words improves both comprehension and fluency as students use decoding skills and context clues to make meaning. Check out these related posts.

Content for Emergent Readers

Early instruction is SO important. Here are the latest posts from my site for the K-1 Teacher crowd. You have such an important job setting the stage for learning.

Vocabulary Posts You’ll Love

Building a love of words and their meaning expands student understanding and helps a student grow as writers too. The reading-writing connection is evident when you see students use the words that you explicitly teach in their writing. Check out these vocab posts for techniques you can try out.

Posts that Make Fluency Fun

Students struggle with comprehension when fluency is an issue. These posts include techniques I’ve used to improve reading fluency.

Let’s Build Writing Skills

I LOVE teaching writing! If you’re looking for ideas on writers workshop, four square writing, writing portfolios, and mentor texts for writing, check out this category!