Wilma Unlimited Book Activities

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Keep your students ENGAGED and INSPIRED with this wonderful book. In this bundle, comprehension is the focus. Use the materials as an interactive read aloud, mentor text lesson, or in guided reading. Unit includes a reader's theater script making it interactive and meaningful.

What's included in the Wilma Unlimited unit?

  • Story Vocabulary and Word Cards
  • Schema Builder (Give One-Get One for print and That's Me for digital)
  • Sequencing Events
  • Making and Confirming Predictions
  • Using Text Evidence to support thinking
  • 3 pages of question task cards for discussion
  • Recording page for question responses
  • Several written response options
  • Reader's Theater Script for 7 voices

How the Wilma Unlimited unit is organized:

The bundle includes 38 pages in length (1/2 PDF and 1/2 Google Slides TM). Your students will have the opportunity for learning many comprehension skills and strategies, write about Wilma's story and achievements, and deepen their understanding of how important it is to be confident and persistent with your life tasks.

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