Weather Close Reading Bundle

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This Weather Close Reading bundle includes three close reading sets about weather tools, cloud types, and storm types. The articles are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (4.6) and each article includes a schema builder, vocabulary set, the article, a questioning page that requires text evidence, and a written response for deeper thinking and text citation.

Product Information

There are 18 pages total in the bundle, and each of the three sets will be used over 3-5 days. The set would work well with a weather science unit or for small group reading to reinforce the concepts (which is how I will be using them). The articles are written at a 700-750 lexile level...fourth to fifth grade level.

Concepts include the following:

Meteorology Tools-barometer, thermometer, anemometer, weather vane, hygrometer

Warm and Cold Fronts

Cloud types-Cumulus, Stratus, Nimbus, etc.

Storm types

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