Summarizing Paper Bag Book for Comprehension

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Summarizing fiction and nonfictional texts is a common comprehension skill. With this paper bag book project, you'll have before, during, and after activities to help your kids learn and practice summarizing. This paper bag book project hits all of the teaching points for summarizing both fiction and nonfiction. and can be used as a work station, in interactive notebooks, and even as an at home project. Students learn techniques including SWBST, Hand Summaries, 5 W's + H, and giving their summaries the MIDAS touch. Use as guided practice or as an assessment.

Project Details:

⍟ Cover

⍟ Qualities of a Great Summary

⍟ MIDAS Touch

⍟ Summarizing Techniques

⍟ Connections to Main Idea and Plot

⍟ Summary Flipbook

⍟ Summarizing Pictures

⍟ Guiding Questions

⍟ Writing Paragraph to Match Summary

⍟ Summary Sorting

⍟ Summarizing Fiction and Nonfiction On My Own

⍟ Summary of my Learning

⍟ Grading Rubric

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