Spelling Activities for Any Word List

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With these fun spelling activities, you have lots of choices in both digital and pdf. You can use the lesson activities for whole group, small group, in workstations, or as homework, and you can use any list of words you like. There are 25 activities in all (color and black/white) using Google Slides TM or paper/pencil

Here's a list of the activities:

  1. My List Form
  2. Let’s Sort (3 column and 4 column sorting mat for any list)
  3. Partner Sorts
  4. Speed Sorting Forms (2)
  5. Color Code It (You will need a red and a blue crayon)
  6. Letter Tiles (You will need letter tiles from your favorite word-building game.)
  7. Configure It
  8. Roll-A-Word (You will need one die.)
  9. Concentrate
  10. 3 Ways to Play
  11. Domino Words
  12. Change-O
  13. Bullseye
  14. Race to the Bottom (need pencil and paperclip)
  15. Spelling Pyramids
  16. Rhyme It
  17. Related Words
  18. Bam! Bam!
  19. Fun with Phonemes
  20. Syllable Sort
  21. Add ‘Em Up
  22. Phone A Word
  23. On Your Back Spelling
  24. Give One Get One
  25. Glue It

A full preview of both the PDF and DIgital files is included. (66 pages total). Be sure to look closely at the quality of the pages. You can just print or click and go with little additional prep.

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