Snowflakes Fall by Patricia Maclachlan

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Snowflakes Fall by Patricia MacLachlan was written in memory of the children lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and is perfect for use during the winter months. This Google Slides TM and PDF unit offers lots of options for you to use this book as a mentor text. It is a wonderful choice for writing. It is an absolutely beautiful analogy comparing the beauty and uniqueness of snowflakes and children and is a must read. This unit is offers activities for comprehension and writing. Teachers read the book for comprehension skills first and follow up with the writing prompt for descriptive writing.


1. Schema Builder on Winter Fun

2. Story Vocabulary and Word Cards

3. Visualizing (2 pages)

4. Figurative Language (determining meaning)

5. Sequencing Events

6. Questioning Task Cards and Response Form

7. Making Comparisons

8. Mentor Sentences

9. Writing in Response to Reading

10. Writing Prompt (Poetry or Descriptive writing...5 pages)

18 pages PDF and 18 pages in color for Google Slides TM.

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