Skill Based Comprehension Checks

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Teaching small group lessons just got easier with this Skill Based Comprehension Check Binder! This bundle of printables will help your students think more deeply and focus on the reading skills you're teaching. Printables are differentiated to target 1-3 providing you with options that will fit your students' needs. Check out the preview images for a look at how the pages are organized.

Skill Focus

  • Predictions
  • Retellings
  • Characters and Character Traits
  • Setting
  • Plot (Problem/Solution and Analyzing Events)
  • Plot (Summarizing)
  • Character, Setting, Problem, Solution
  • Story Retellings
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Predictions in Nonfiction
  • Nonfiction Features (several options)
  • Questioning (for fiction and nonfiction)
  • Finding Text Evidence to Support Answers
  • Facts and What I Learned
  • Main Idea (x 2)
  • Before, During, After Notes
  • Summarizing Nonfiction
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