Revolutionary War on Wednesday

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Revolutionary War on Wednesday by Mary Pope Osborne is another wonderful book for students just starting chapter books. This comprehension focused guided reading unit is set up with before/during/after activities and vocabulary for each chapter. It works well with guided reading groups and if you enjoy running literature circles.

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Each chapter focuses on a different comprehension skill. Here is the table of contents:

Prereading Activity: Schema builder and Quick Write to build background.

Chapter 1: Vocabulary and Making predictions

Chapter 2/3: Vocabulary and Visualizing using text details about the setting.

Chapter 3: Vocabulary and Author’s Purpose

Comparing Patriots and Redcoats and Learning about the Revolutionary Wary

Chapter 4: Vocabulary and Questioning

Chapter 5:Vocabulary, Facts, and Summarizing the Main Idea

Chapter 6: Vocabulary and Story Details

Chapter 7: Vocabulary and Character Analysis

Chapter 8: Vocabulary and Summarizing Information

Chapter 9: Vocabulary and Story Plot (Details)

Chapter 10: Problem and Solution

End of Book Report

Group discussion is encouraged throughout the reading of the book. The unit would also work well with literature circles. It's been tested in several classrooms and found to be easy to follow for parents and teaching assistance. An answer key is not included as some answers vary and group discussion fosters higher level thinking skills.

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