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Reading Anchor Charts take a long time to make and they are best done with your students. Sometimes it's nice though to have them for reference later. I love projecting these for review lessons, putting them in interactive notebooks, and for helping parents at home.

In my classroom, I have projected as I am modeling a skill. I have also provided my students with printed copies that they can place in their interactive notebooks for selective highlighting, text marking, and for reference later.

With small group instruction, I have clipped the chart to my tabletop "feature board" for reference too. Modeling using think aloud, cutting and pasting in interactive notebooks, sending home to help parents, and/or projecting them for class discussion are all possibilities. If interactive notebooks are not your thing, students can 3 hole punch a hard copy for reference as they're reading or for help when they need a skill clarified. Skills included in this packet are listed below.

making inferences

cause and effect relationships


making connections

stop! think! jot!

plot development


post its for during reading

decoding strategies tricky words


question-answer relationship

fact and opinion

main idea

connecting plot, summary, and main idea

fiction and nonfiction features


character traits

19 pages total

Pairing these handouts with quality literature to give specific examples in a text is highly recommended.

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