Poem of the Week Spring Edition

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Reading fluency is a critical skill for all primary readers. Using a Poem of the Week program is a well establish fluency building strategy. This bundle includes 10 ORIGINAL poems with blackline illustrations and color illustrations for SPRING and the beginning of winter as well as two analysis pages that will help your students with word study skills, comprehension of the poem, and specifically visualizing using text details.
1. Butterfly life cycles
2. Weather
3. Gardening
4. Trees and Earth Day
5. Camping
6. Bumblebees
7. Mother's Day
8. Father's Day
9. Turtles
10. Bloom Where You Are Planted
Each poem is intended to be used for the week for repeated readings, phrase marking, sightword highlighter hunts, word building activities, and comprehension. View the preview to learn more.
This product is best for grades 2 and 3.
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