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If you love Patricia Polacco's books, then having grab and go materials to go with them is a HUGE help. This author study includes materials for *13* titles PLUS an author research lapbook for a total of 560+ pages of materials.

Patricia Polacco is a favorite for teachers and students. Her books are filled with tier 2 vocabulary and so many relevant social themes. Using Polacco’s books in guided reading or as a mentor texts for writing helps your students far beyond reading and writing. Her books help children for life! The bundle now includes both formats (Google Slides TM and a PDF printable) for expanded options. Each unit comes in a before, during, and after reading format.

Your students will have the opportunity for learning many comprehension skills and strategies, writing about theme related topics that go with each book, and expanding their vocabulary with the rich language each offers. Skills include: cause/effect, summarizing, story elements, point of view, inferences, drawing conclusions, questioning, theme, characterization, sequencing, finding text evidence, and more.

This bundle is thorough, and the activities work well in pairs, small group, or with whole group for skill modeling (mentor text lessons). If you prefer to use just a few titles, you can check out each with the links below. The author study bundle is the best value however.

  • Chicken Sunday
  • The Keeping Quilt
  • Thunder Cake
  • My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother
  • The Bee Tree
  • Just Plain Fancy
  • When Lightning Comes in a Jar
  • Bully
  • For the Love of Autumn
  • Christmas Tapestry
  • Thank You Mr. Falker
  • Junkyard Wonders
  • Mr. Lincoln's Way

For a detailed look at this unit, a preview is provided with all pages visible for each unit. Please download and preview it in case you have questions.

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