Partner Plays for Young Readers

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This group of fourteen ORIGINAL partner scripts includes before, during, and after reading activities to help your students with vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension skills including story elements, questioning, finding text evidence, and characterization, and writing. Students read and practice in a Close Reading format to improve fluency and deepen comprehension.

Each script is written on a 1st - 3rd grade level, but can be extended to third grade with the type of comprehension skills included. A preview file is attached above that shows what is included with each set. The scripts are 3-5 pages in length and are accompanied by a pre-reading schema builders, a vocabulary page, a graphic organizer for during reading, and a post reading writing prompt. (~12 pages per set) or 170 pages total.

Titles Include:

Sam and Max Go Fishing

Sam and His Dog Max

Time for Bed, Max

Max Gets Lost

Sam and Max Go to the Beach

Sam and Max Go Camping

Max and the Thanksgiving Disaster

A Snowy Day for Sam and Max

Sam Wants to Play

Happy Birthday Sam

Sam and Max Go To School

Sam and Max Go to the Parade

Max and the Missing Valentine

Max and the Christmas Gift Surprise

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