Nonfiction Text Features Paper Bag Book

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Using Nonfiction Text Features to better understand nonfiction is a KEY INGREDIENT TO UNDERSTANDING. This paper bag book project hits all of the teaching points for Nonfiction Text Features. and can be used with strategy groups, as a work station, in interactive notebooks, or as an at home project. The completed book works well for review throughout the year too.

Project Purpose:

Students learn how to use text features to learn information from nonfiction books. Students use the first four pages for learning about nonfiction text features, compare fiction and nonfiction, find and use nonfiction text features within nonfiction books, and record how nonfiction text features help the reader. You can use the pages in the book as displayed or in interactive notebooks. They work well in guided reading groups and as a workstation activity.

Project Details:

⍟ Cover

⍟ Characteristics of Nonfiction

⍟ Comparing Fiction and Nonfiction

⍟ How Nonfiction Text Features Help Us

⍟ Text Feature Examples

⍟ Sorting Fiction and Nonfiction Traits

⍟ Nonfiction Text Features Accordion Foldables

⍟ Text Features in Books (Choose 2)

⍟ Summarizing Your Learning

⍟ Grading Rubric

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