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Finding the main idea is a HUGE skill for kids in grades 2-5. This project breaks the skill down and provides multiple opportunities for instruction and practice. The preview shows you how each page is used. The project works very well with strategy groups, for intervention, and for test prep. You can be use them as a work station, in interactive notebooks, or as an at home project too.

What do students learn?

Students learn how to analyze information to determine the main idea of paragraphs, articles, and books. In this book, the first four pages are meant for instruction in a gradual release format. Students then work with two close reading articles, group sentence details together and determine the main idea, work with a nonfiction text and a fictional text for main idea, and summarize what they've learned. You can use the pages in the book as displayed or in interactive notebooks.

Project Details:

⍟ Cover

⍟ What is the Main Idea

⍟ How do I find the main idea?

⍟ Connecting Main Idea and Details

⍟ Main Idea and Details Example

⍟ The Real Scoop about Raccoons (Flipbook)

⍟ The Interesting Life of Giraffes (Flipbook)

⍟ Sorting Details to Determine the Main Idea

⍟ Main Idea with Penguins!

⍟ Main Idea with Miss Rumphius

⍟ Summary of my Learning

⍟ Grading Rubric

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