Guided Reading Binder for Google Slides TM

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This Guided Reading Binder for Google Slides TM includes materials addressing fiction and nonfiction strategies to use before, during, and after reading with any book. The table of contents is listed below, and sample pages are viewable in the preview file. The materials are interactive and most include written responses. Directions are included on how to use one slide or assignment at a time, and students can either print their finished assignments or submit them to you electronically through file sharing.

Important Note:

Most of these pages are in color. If you plan to print them, you will want the resource for Google Slides TM and printable bundle which includes color and black and white. You can access the bundle with the link below.

Guided Reading Binder Bundle with Black and White PDF and Color for Google Slides TM

The following pages/activities are included in this bundle:


Word Splash Brainstorming

ABC Brainstorming

Quick Write

Vocabulary Foldables 6 and 8 word

Vocabulary Organizer Kid Friendly Definitions and Context Clues

Vocabulary Organizer Examples and Nonexamples

Making Predictions (2 options)

Author’s Purpose (2 options)

Story Impressions

Catapult Prereading

I Know, I See, I Wonder

I Bet!


Column Notes

Pairs Check

Four Square Thinking for Fiction and Nonfiction

Characters Count

Analyzing Fiction and Nonfiction

Looking for the Signals

The Important Thing

SWBSF Accordion Book

Question Stem Task Cards (48)

Response Form

Story Elements Organizer

Retellings (2 options)


Nonfiction Text Features Organizers

I Wonder Questioning (5 W’s plus H) 2 options

Find the Facts

Main Idea (2 options)

Summarizing Nonfiction

Before, During, After Notes

Skill Foldables (8 of them)

Reciprocal Teaching

Hand Summary

Raft Paper

Skill Based Anchor Charts for Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion, Inferences, Drawing Conclusions, and Sequencing

Comprehension Strategies for Parents (Handouts)

78 pages total

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