Exploring Theme Paper Bag Book

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This HANDS ON project for teaching theme will keep your kids ENGAGEDas you explain what theme is and how it's different from main idea.This project includes before, during, after activities that you can use with a variety of books. It works beautifully for strategy groups, in guided reading, as a work station activity, for test prep review, or as an at home project. Students write in detail about the difference between theme and main idea, sort examples, work on guiding questions and explore theme in multiple texts, and explain their learning. Use as guided practice or as an assessment.

Project Details:

  • Cover for boy or girl
  • Theme Explained
  • Theme Flapbook
  • Theme and Main Idea Sorting
  • Facts and Opinions in Books (2 pages)
  • Guiding Questions and Text Sets that fit a common theme
  • Summarizing My Learning
  • Grading Rubric
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