Drawing Conclusions Paper Bag Book for Comprehension

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Drawing conclusions is one of the toughest comprehension skills we teach because it requires such deep thinking. Children need EXPLICIT TEACHING and lots of practice. This HANDS ON PROJECT will keep them ENGAGED AND FOCUSED as you work on the skill.

The project offers multiple instructional activities for teaching and practicing drawing conclusions. It can be used one section at a time to build the book over a week, as a group for modeling, individually in small group, or as a literacy work station. Once complete, it will help your students review. Be sure to check the preview file for a better picture of how it works. Comes in color and black/white.

Project Details:

✪ Cover

✪ Drawing Conclusions Anchor Chart and Examples

✪ Drawing Conclusionss Defined (what it is and is not)

✪ Drawing Conclusions Chart Completion

✪ Sorting Conclusions and Simple Inferences

✪ Practice with The Widow's Broom by Chris VanAllsburg

✪ Practice with Brave Irene

✪ Drawing Conclusions about ME

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