Characterization Paper Bag Book for Comprehension

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Analyzing characters helps students make connections and deepens understanding. This resource breaks down this skill into teachable points and can be used with strategy groups, as a work station, in interactive notebooks, or as an at home project. Students learn what to look for in analyzing characters, about outside and inside traits, direct and indirect methods of revealing traits, what traits are (positive and negative) and ways to record evidence, apply characterization with two books, and summarize what they've learned. You can use the pages in the book as displayed or in interactive notebooks.

Here's What's Included:

⍟ Cover

⍟ What Characterization Means and How to Analyze

⍟ Direct and Indirect Characterization

⍟ Determining Traits

⍟ On My Own Notetaking

⍟ Characterization Flipbook

⍟ Outside Traits in Pictures

⍟ Sorting Positive and Negative Traits

⍟ Characterization in Amazing Grace

⍟ Characterization in Mr. Lincoln's Way

⍟ Summary of my Learning

⍟ Grading Rubric

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