Biscuit Visits the Big City Book Companion

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Biscuit Visits the Big City is a lovely book and a great choice for beginning guided reading. This PRINT AND GO unit will help your students

get plenty of reading practice as close reading routines are implemented. It's organized in a BEFORE/DURING/AFTER format for consistent skill modeling and practice.


✱ prereading schema builder about living in the city

✱ vocabulary organizer and word cards

✱ comparing cities and counties

✱ puppy poetry for fluency practice

✱ visualizing

✱ making connections organizer

✱ summarizing information (BME)

✱ questioning task cards and response form

✱ summarizing with time order words

✱ and writing frame about living in the city versus country

Be sure to check out the preview included above for a detailed look at the pages.

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