Bill and Pete to the Rescue Activities

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Bill and Pete to the Rescue is about Bill and Pete's adventures to the Exotic Animal Farm. This PRINT or PROJECT collection of comprehension activities will help your kids enjoy the book and work on comprehension skills too. Use them in guided reading, as mentor text lessons, with partners, or in stations. You'll have LOTS of options to choose from

Product Contents

Schema Builder-Quick Write about an Accident

Vocabulary organizer and word cards

Questioning Anchor Chart and Stop and Jot Organizer

Plot Analysis-Anchor Chart and Guided Activity

BME Summarizer

Character Traits-Finding Text Evidence

Sequencing Events

Analyzing the Story-Author’s Purpose, Genre, Point of View, and Theme

Quiz/Questioning Work

Cause and Effect Relationships-anchor chart and foldable

Bill and Pete to the Rescue Writing Prompt (class book of Bill and Pete Adventure)

The bundle includes 21 well planned pages IN PDF AND DIGITAL to give you several skill options. A preview of the materials included is attached, so be sure to look closely.

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