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In Bear Wants More, Bear's just woken up from hibernation, and he's starving. The setting is early Spring, and themes include sharing, greed, and friendship. The vocabulary is a little more controlled, so this book would work well for beginning 2nd grade level. This unit works well for skill modeling, in guided reading groups, and in partners

Product Contents:

Skills addressed in this unit include the following:

  • Schema building about bears (alphaboxes)
  • Vocabulary development with foldable
  • Story elements anchor chart and graphic organizer
  • Summarizing chart and organizer
  • Sequencing project
  • Character Traits
  • Questioning Task Cards for group discussion
  • Class Book-I Want More: Lessons on Sharing
  • Bear Research Flipbook
  • 13 page Digital Comprehension Check (Boom Cards)

38 pages

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