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Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman is such an inspirational book. Every student should read it for the themes of perseverance, diversity, and inclusiveness. This comprehension and writing focused unit includes before/during/after activities to make planning easy and learning fun and inspiring. If you love Grace, you can explore Mary Hoffman's other Grace stories too.

What's included in the Amazing Grace Unit?

  • vocabulary organizer and word cards
  • schema building on the theme
  • cause/effect relationships anchor chart and activity
  • summarizing the plot
  • BME organizer
  • character change organizer
  • narrative elements four square response
  • questions-answer relationships anchor chart, question cards, and response form
  • and responding to literature. It concludes with a writing assignment called RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, and Topic) The student uses the Four Square Writing plan to organize his/her plan for drafting steps to becoming an actor or actress.

How is the Amazing Grace unit organized?

All of my book companion units are organized in a before, during, and after reading format. I try to include ways to use the books as a mentor text for both comprehension and writing. In this unit, the written component is a procedural text. Amazing Grace is truly a must use book in grades 3-5 because of the themes of perseverance, confidence, and inclusivity.

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