A Chair for My Mother Activities

This classic book is a must for your second grade classroom.
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A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams is an excellent choice as a mentor text for comprehension strategies and for writing. In this book companion set, you have lots of options. It is set up in a before/during/after format for guided reading, but parts can also be used for mentor text lessons and for writing. Plus, it is now available in PDF and Digital formats for your students to complete with paper/pencil OR with their one-to-one devices. Directions are included for the teacher to share just one page at a time electronically. Below, you will find the activity options.

Skills included are:
  • Schema building about saving money (Give One, Get One)
  • Vocabulary organizer and cards
  • Story elements flapbook
  • Cause and Effect
  • Visualizing using text details
  • Question task cards and response page
  • Summarizing the main idea
  • Class Book-Many Hands Make Light Work
  • 22 pages (PDF) and 22 pages in color (Digital)
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