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Carla is a licensed Reading Specialist with 27 years of experience in the classroom, with technology, as a reading specialist providing intervention, and as a literacy coach. She has been a presenter within her school, school division, with local reading councils, and with the Virginia State Reading Association. She is available to offer professional development workshops on the following topics:

Using Mentor Texts to Teach Comprehension Skills and the Six Writing Traits

In this session, Carla selects and shares quality picture books and how they can be used for specific reading and writing skills. Participants are provided with a database of books categorized by reading/writing skill. (1-2 hours)

Best Practices in Guided Reading

With this session, Carla shares how to group students, how to schedule your literacy block, information on what to use for instruction and how to run your small groups. This session includes progress monitoring tools and Carla's guided reading binder. (full day)

Building a Vivacious Vocabulary in All Readers

This 1-2 hour session includes how to plan vocabulary lessons, vocabulary building activities for word introduction, practice, and for quick review.

The Power of Poetry: Ways to Use a Poem of the Week

Poetry is for more than National Poetry Month! This session includes how poetry is used for building a concept of word in emergent readers, for building fluency in the primary grades, and for comprehension and figurative language in the upper grades. A collection of original poetry and activities are shared with participants. (1-2 hours)

The Benefits of Close Reading and How to Get Started

Close reading strategies are a must teach for the middle and upper elementary grades. Using close reading strategies are important for student learning in the content areas. This session is an introductory session for teachers unfamiliar with close reading practices. Carla walks through how to use a close reading with both whole and small groups. 

Using a Writer's Workshop Model

This full day session introduces a workshop model, how to use the writing process, ways to organize students in the classroom, use of mentor texts, mini lesson ideas, and assessing student writing.

How to Schedule a Session:

If you are interested in having Carla provide a session for your staff or reading council, please complete the response form on the home page including your location, number of participants expected, and proposed dates. Carla typically charges $100 an hour (presentation time) plus mileage and lodging. Fees include all handouts and electronic files.

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