Pinterest Picks for Winter

It is hard to believe that school starts back tomorrow. It is going to be a rough morning I'm afraid. My kids have slept til 10-11 AM I can't imagine getting them out of bed and to school on time tomorrow and getting everything else done.

I love the Pick 3 linky, and normally, I'm a bit more on top of my game, but I wanted to join in on the fun. I appreciate that my bloggy friends at Pawsitively Teaching, Inspired Owl's Corner, and Just Reed line this up each month.

Projects are just so much fun, and I just love these projects for two reasons...getting to know students and for teaching students the beauty of language and poetry. These pins are from Runde's Room, Teaching My Friends, and Me With My Head in the Clouds. You can find these and other pins [here].

These Pinterest picks focus on poetry, anchor charts, and setting goals for the New Year.

These Pinterest picks focus on poetry, anchor charts, and setting goals for the New Year. The second group of pins I want to share are a collection of anchor charts for writing. I just love these, and I sort of think that these need to find their way into every classroom. Thank you to Fabulous in First, Brown-bag Teacher, Trina Deboree, SandbergSmarties, Ivy Morrison, and Ms. Durning. To pin these to your own boards, click [here] 

These Pinterest picks focus on poetry, anchor charts, and setting goals for the New Year. The final pins are my favorites for goal setting. I blogged two weeks ago about goal setting/resolutions for Thematic Thursday, and that post is packed with really great activities you can use this week. Definitely check out [this post] for book recommendations, writing projects, bulletin boards, and such for next week. The post includes [this pinterest board] if you'd like to repin or explore these ideas further. Pins on this board are courtesy of ME, Entirely Elementary, Pirate's Life for Us,Third Grade Brown-ies, Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten, A Full Classroom, and Step into 2nd Grade. 
Well, I hope these pins are a great help this week or in the weeks ahead. Have a great day and see you this Thursday for a bit of Snowy fun for Thematic Thursday. 


  1. What a great collection of anchor charts! Thanks for sharing and linking up! Wishing you a blessed 2016!

  2. Carla, I love your writing pin and the anchor charts! I can't wait to use some of the ideas from your New Year's post when the kiddos return! Thank you for sharing your pins and linking up with us! :)

  3. I love the New Years Resolutions/ Goal setting ideas. Great Pinterest board! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  4. I liked your first project you mentioned. Those are very bright, creative, and oh so meaningful.
    Second In Line

  5. I absolutely love those poetry projects and the anchor charts are AMAZING!


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