Brave Irene Mentor Text Lessons

Brave Irene is a wonderful mentor text for reading comprehension and writing. Check out this post for lesson ideas you can use for character development, imagery, writing voice, and more.

Brave Irene
by William Steig
Brave Irene is one of my favorite winter books. It is perfect for upper elementary with it's rich vocabulary and story detail. I love using this text as a mentor text for descriptive writing. 

To begin, I use the unit to analyze the text (before, during, after) for vocabulary,character change, story elements, and by having students use text evidence to support thinking. As we work through the text, we are also using our writing block to write about a brave moment such as getting a tooth pulled, riding a rollercoaster for the first time, being brave during a storm or being in a car accident. This book is such a wonderful book to model how to develop the story.
With the writing component of this set, the pages are set up to follow the writing process. To begin, students brainstorm with the interlocking squares times they had to be brave and key words related to the event. Then, students use a story map to plan their writing. There are pages for a rough draft and for the final revision. 
To learn more, click on the link below.
Brave Irene

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