Goal Setting for the New Year

Have you begun thinking about plans for the new year? Maybe you're focusing on organization or weight loss, or perhaps you're shooting for increasing exercise?  No matter what, goal setting is an important skill for teachers and for students. In this post, I'll share books with an inspirational and motivational message as well as activities and ideas you can incorporate into your goal setting plans.


Whether it's Back to School Time or your first day back in January, this goal setting theme will be just what you need to focus your students. Check out the collection of ideas, book suggestions, and FREEBIES
As we gear up for the new year, it's the perfect time to check on progress for the first half of the year, look for places to improve, and set new goals and plans for the remainder of the year. Children need to have plans.

There are so many great books about setting and making goals. Out of this list, my all time favorite has to be the Grace series by Mary Hoffman. I just love Amazing Grace.  Grace is one gal who will not listen to the word, "No!" She has her eyes set on being Peter Pan in the class play. Such a great example of making a goal and sticking to it with strength and determination.

Another favorite of mine is Wednesday Surprise by Eve Bunting. I just love this book because the young girl wants to read and sticks with it until she's able to surprise her family by reading a book all by herself.

Brave Irene and The Bee Trees are books I've highlighted before, and I highly recommend both of them. Salt in his Shoes and In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson are also both perfect for connecting the importance of goal setting with those sports lovers in your classroom.

Finally, I love Wilma Unlimited for overcoming challenges and perseverance.


Setting goals is easy to do, but certainly, kids love projects that are fun too.There are quite a few great project options available to teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers and on Pinterest. I've created a board to make it easier to put these resource links in one place.
Follow Comprehension's board New Year's Resolutions/Goal Setting on Pinterest.
From this board, there are a few activities and blog posts that I want to highlight. The first are these great bulletin board ideas. My absolute favorite are the 2012 foldables. I can see the kids writing up great ideas, and they would be easy to make.
"Stepping up in 2014" - A play on New Years Resolutions - Students could write their goals for 2014 in the thought bubbles! January Bulletin Board:   Have kids come up w/ resolutions for the new year. Read Aloud Squirrel's New Year's Resolution prior to doing flipbook:
Get on Board New Years Resolution Bulletin board:   New Years Resolutions Board- had students write goals, things they would like to learn, a place they would like to go, and something they would like to stop doing.:
If you are wanting great print and go ideas, check out these amazing options from Teachers Pay Teachers. I just love projects, and these two craftivities will be lots of fun for your students. The mobile options comes from Mr. Hughes. It is updated and ready for this year. The second is super cute too, and I'm sure it's going to be updated if it hasn't already. Definitely check it out. I'm thinking you could make it into a shapebook.
New Year's Resolutions and Goals Mobile 2016 Edition {FREEBIE}  Happy New Year! {FREE Craftivity}
I also love these printables from Blair Turner and Creative Lesson Cafe as well. There are several teaching options with both. If you're looking for a bulletin board idea, I think the printable from Creative Lesson Cafe can be made into the bulletin board I shared above. 
{FREE!} New Year's Activity Book New Year Resolutions {Goals} Flap Book Freebie
Once the goals are set, the key is to follow up periodically to check on progress and setting new goals. I think setting goals is a great thing for all of us. What goals do you have for this year? Perhaps having a few to share and use for modeling is a great idea too. I have a few for this year...

Lose weight and get in better shape

Learn to use technology to do demo lessons


Volunteer more in my community


This goal setting lapbook will guide your students toward reflecting on and setting goals for the new year. The finished project is great for display.
The project to the left is one I've made to help my students reflect on the previous year and develop reading goals for the rest of the year. It is great for January but also for the beginning of the school year. All you need is a file folder for each student. 

As we start a new year, how about a post that offers a jumpstart on planning. This goal setting post includes all you need for a goal setting theme for your students. Book recommendations, tech integration, goal setting resources, and even a Pinterest board dedicated to a positive new year.


With one to one devices, tech integration is important too, and there are great apps and websites for goal setting. Check these out to see what works for you.


What professional and personal goals do you have?  Now is the time to think about them. 😊


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    1. Thanks friend! Glad you had a few things to link up! Happy New Year...early! If you're up for a meet up, I threw out the idea for over break if anyone's free.


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