Arctic Animal Close Reading Bundle

Arctic Animal Close Reading Bundle

Pairing fiction and nonfiction is a wonderful technique, especially if you are working on text features. Students need to see how texts are organized in order to anticipate what information they need to remember. 

In these close reading sets, students work with a schema builder first to begin thinking on the topic. Then, students work with a one page article about each of the animals included above. Students read and mark the article for specific information. After students have read the article twice, they're ready to work with text dependent questions.  After the last reading, students write an expanded response to the prompt selected for the text. Below, you'll see previews of each.

This first set in this bundle that I used is this set about caribou. I really enjoyed using this with my students. I paired it with Wild Christmas Reindeer and The Stubborn Reindeer partner script in my store. We researched caribou and wrote reports about them using a great freebie listed on TPT. This worked very well the weeks before school got out.

The second set is about polar bears. It includes the article with varied reading purposes, a prereading schema builder (Tree Map), during reading questions, and a response page. 

Penguins are the focus of set number three. Students learn about a variety of penguin types and how they live. When I used this set, I paired it with a partner script in my store called, Penguins on Parade, and my students researched penguing types and wrote research reports.

The fourth set in the bundle is about walruses. The students in my group were so interested in how walruses compare to sea lions. Teachers might use this one in conjunction with sea lion nonfiction. 

The last set is about the arctic fox, and it is best for fifth grade on level students. The focus for this text is on making comparisons. As you can see in the preview, there is a double bubble brainstorm page, questioning where students highlight the text information to support their thinking, and a longer essay page.

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Arctic Animal Close Reading Bundle

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