Using Postcards to Spark Motivation in Your Students

Do you have one of *those* kids?  You know, the child that never completes homework, talks when he's supposed to be reading independently, and even better, makes noises during writing time. How do you get them to buy in?  How do you make a difference for that child to bring him into the fold? The answer...postcards.
Teacher Created Resources® A Note From The Teacher Postcard
Imagine the excitement of the child if you've taken time write a handwritten note to send to his/her parents detailing how he/she's demonstrated a target behavior. Praise message that arrive at the home when the child is at school and not expecting it do wonders for motivation.

So how do you get them to actually DO the target behavior? First, show the students the postcards, and show them the messages. Set the goals for the group, and encourage the target behavior every single time you see it. If you see it just a few times, send the card.  If you see it continue, make a phone call.  If you see it consistently, send a happy gram to your administration. What kid isn't motivated by consistent praise? 

This freebie from The Teacher's Wife may come in handy.  Print them up ahead of time, so they're ready to be mailed. Aren't they cute?
Positive Postcards
What do you do to spark motivation with your students?  Check out the ideas shared on Head Over Heels for Teaching today.

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