Fire Safety Week

Celebrate Fire Safety Week with these great thematic teaching ideas.
Did you know this is National Fire Prevention Week?  I thought today, I'd share a collection of ideas I found that look to be lots of fun.  

Celebrate Fire Safety Week with these great thematic teaching ideas.Of course, I have to start with books. With the primary grades, you can not go wrong with Marc Brown's Arthur books, the Berenstain Bears, or Clifford, but this is also a great time to tie in nonfiction with Gail Gibbon's Fire book or the Rookie Reader, Fire Safety.  Keeping a collection together for students to page through after you've shared them is a great way for children to take in the information at their own pace.

As you share these books, working in role playing of what to do if your students hear an alarm or smell smoke in their homes. For most children, this is the first time they've learned about fire safety, so helping the kids understand not to be scared of the fireman. I remember going with my daughter's preschool, and that was one point the firemen shared.  Many children are frightened by their protective clothing.

To help my readers plan, I did put together a Pinterest board of Fire Prevention Week options.  Check out the board below.

Follow Comprehension's board Fire Prevention Week on Pinterest.

The National Fire Prevention Association has shared many of the videos that they've created to help children.  You can use the link below for the first video, but there is a collection of nine of them to choose from.  

Teachers can use this opportunity to work on literacy skills too.  These freebies are fantastic, so be sure to add them to your collections.
Fire Safety Freebie! Fire Safety Freebie 
Fire Safety Crowns FREEBIE  Freebie: Firefighters Pete and Dave are Brave  Firefighter Character Traits FREEBIE

Okay, I think I shared more than five, but I bet you won't be upset with that.  Have a great week, and I hope these fun ideas will help your little ones learn how to stay safe in the event they experience a fire.

See you tomorrow...

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  1. Carla! Thank you for sharing my freebie on your blog! What a nice surprise! I'll be sure to check out the other freebies as well.
    Jan Gervais
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. Oh you are very welcome! Hope you're kids enjoyed the week!


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